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Hao Wu

Department / group: Law School
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Research interests:

Environmental Public Interest Litigation, Environmental Protection Law, Environmental Rights, Human Rights

Career history:

2021-2024 the University of Dundee, PhD student at Law school.
2019-2020 the Edinburgh Kaplan international English school
2017-2018 Trainee Lawyer Beijing, China
2014-2017 the Gansu University of Political Science and Law, Master student of Law School.

Active research projects:

Research on the Framework of Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China under Judicial Practice

Environmental Protection Law, Environmental Law, Climate Change, SDGs. In the context of climate change, China, as a large developing country, is conducting research on relevant legislation to address climate change, of which the environmental protection law, and the environmental public interest litigation system, have not made good progress in the current judicial practice. There are still problems with the eligibility of environmental subjects, such as NGOs and individuals to bring lawsuits, and the complexity of environmental objects and operational problems that exclude marine environmental public interest litigation, as well as the fact that most of the compensation money used for environmental remediation has become zombie funds, which is contrary to the basic principles of environmental law – the principle of open information and public participation. This is contrary to the basic principles of environmental law – the principle of open information, and the principle of public participation. The volume of litigation in China is too low compared to the expected number of lawsuits in such a time-consuming, difficult-to-file and highly specialised litigation model, which does not ultimately solve environmental remediation and environmental protection problems. We hope to find solutions to this problem by comparing the existing P.I.L models in developed countries such as the UK and the US. Attempting to innovate in the system or research methodology. In a narrower sense, this is the effect of the implementation of environmental protection in practice in China, to improve the effectiveness of environmental protection laws, in a global perspective, public interest litigation, and citizen participation is a current issues that should be considered by global citizens.

How individual citizens’ rights play out in environmental protection. Citizens have the right to enjoy a good environment and the obligation to protect it. The Aarhus Convention, China’s environmental law and the Civil Code all give citizens the right and duty to participate in environmental protection, but because of the unclear boundaries of citizenship rights in jurisprudence and in practice, public participation has not been as valuable as it could be.

Recent publications:

1. On the role of procuratorial organs in environmental public interest litigation and institutional options
2. Study on the Principle of Ecological Consumption Law
3. Research on the legalization path of regional environmental governance
4. Research of China’s Environmental Damage Compensation System

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