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Hannah Calleja

Research interests:

Experimental volcanology and petrology; Shallow volcanic gas and volatile behaviour; Bubble and fluid dynamics; Physical volcanology; Volcano geology and geophysics; Physical modelling.

Career history:

2017 – 2021: University of Sheffield integrated masters in Physical Geography (first class hons). My final year project – "Quantifying the behaviour of Taylor bubbles rising through solid-rich suspensions in vertical and inclined tubes: analogue experiments for slug-driven volcanism in basaltic-style magmas" – received the LR Moore Prize for high attainment and is being written up for publication.

2015 – 2021: Library and Customer Service Assistant with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

Active research projects:

Explosive basaltic eruptions and the potential role of supercritical fluids – experimentally constrain the formation mechanism of known erupted products i.e., spherules, and determine the role of supercritical fluids in this process to gain insight into the behaviour of volatile-saturated shallow igneous systems.

Bubble dynamics for eruption triggering – experimentally examine bubble dynamics under different liquid and geometry conditions as an analogue for gas-rich, low viscosity basaltic volcanism.

Recent publications:

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