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Geslaine Goncalves

Research interests:

Marine ecology, Marine biology, Marine pollution, Micro and macroplastic, Coastal, Mangrove, Freshwater, Deep Sea, Marine Stressors, Sustainable Aquaculture, Fisheries Science, Marine Renewable Energy, Marine Planning & Governance, Marine Biogeochemistry.

Career history:

I am a dedicated researcher in Marine Ecology, currently focused on the impacts of plastic on the aquatic fauna and environment. I have made a range of scientific contributions and published articles in international journals. I am looking for an opportunity where I can continue researching the ecological impacts of plastic, whilst improving my knowledge and learning new techniques.
Research areas of expertise: Marine Ecology, Marine Biology, Zoology, Ecosystems, Microplastics, Growth, Food habits, Distribution, Morphology, Reproduction and Development; Ecology, Symbiotic Relationships, Reproduction, Trophic Web (stable isotopic analysis with carbon and nitrogen), and Fatty Acids.

Research Experience
1. PDRA in Coastal and Mangrove Micro- and Macro-Plastic Analysis (2022-Current) – Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), Scotland. Project: GCRF One Ocean Hub. Supervisor: PhD. Bhavani Narayanaswamy (

2. Publications and submission of research proposals (2020-2022) – Preparation and publication of scientific articles using additional data from my PhD and collaborative works. Production of teaching and research material for 2 projects – Plastic Free School, IFPB, Brazil, and Integrating Community Structure and Stable Isotope Analysis, UNESP, Brazil. I also submitted a 2022 EU Marie Skłodowska Curie Action project proposal – “Transfer of natural and man-made microfibres through the marine trophic web” with Professor Tamara Galloway OBE – University of Exeter (criteria were successfully met but project not selected for funding).

3. PhD Biological Science – Zoology (2016-2020) – São Paulo State University (UNESP), Institute of Biosciences, Botucatu, Brazil. PhD project: Ecology and trophic structure of the spider crab Libinia ferreirae (Decapoda: Majoidea) on the south coast of São Paulo. Advisor: PhD. Antonio Leão Castilho (, Co-advisor: PhD. Maria Lucia Negreiros-Fransozo (

Scholarship for International Study (May to November 2019) – University of Exeter, Penryn, UK in the Centre of Ecology and Conservation. Supervisor: PhD Stuart Bearhop ( Project: Application of the isotopic mixing models in the ecology to trophic structure of the spider crab Libinia ferreirae (Decapoda: Majoidea)

Assemble Plus Scholarship under EU Horizon 2020 (November 2019 to February 2020) – University of Gent, Gent, Belgium in Marine Biology Department. Supervisor: PhD. Marleen De Troch ( Project: Fatty acids analysis of shrimp (of co-occurring shrimp) the South-West to Brazil.

Active research projects:

One Ocean Hub funded by Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).
Showing micro and macroplastics in mangrove and coastal regions of Ghana.

Recent publications:

1. Gonçalves GRL, Wolf MR, Antunes M, Amorim FW, Negreiros-Fransozo ML, Castilho AL. 2021. Ontogenetic niche specialization in the spider crab Libinia ferreirae associated with Lychnorhiza lucerna medusa. Current Zoology.
2. Gonçalves GRL, Denadai AC, Souza AN, Castilho AL, De Troch M. 2021. Fatty acid profiles of three commercial shrimp from southeastern Brazil. Regional Studies in Marine Science.
3. Gonçalves GRL, Santos PVM, Costa VE, Negreiros-Fransozo ML, Bearhop S, Castilho AL. 2021. Trophic relationships between the crab Libinia ferreirae and its symbionts. Marine Environmental Research.
4. Azevedo-Santos VM, Blettler M, Perroca JF, Rodrigues-Filho JL, Paschoal LRP, Gonçalves RLG, Wolf MR, Manoel PS, Andrade MC, Nobile AB, Lima FP, Ruocco AMC, Silva CV, Perbiche-Neves G, Portinho JL, Giarrizzo T, Brito MFG, Lovejoy TE, Arcifa MS, Pelicice FM. 2021. Plastic Pollution on Freshwater biodiversity. AMBIO. 1-12.
5. Gonçalves GRL, Palomares LFS, Sousa AN, Stanski G, Sancinetti G, Costa RC, Castilho AL. (2020) Geographical ecology of the symbiotic crabs Libinia ferreirae and Libinia spinosa: distributional patterns in south and southeastern coast of Brazil. Marine Ecology 41(4), e12606.

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