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Freya Muir

Research interests:

Coastal change, geomorphological change, natural hazard mapping and mitigation, environmental risk management, Earth Observation and satellite image analysis, low-cost environmental monitoring.

Career history:

2013-2017: Bachelor of Science (First Class) in Geology and Physical Geography (University of Edinburgh).
2017-2018: Master of Science (Distinction) in Geographical Information Science (University of Edinburgh).
2018-2020: Research Assistant on the Scottish Government’s Dynamic Coast project (University of Glasgow).
2020-Present: PhD in the School of Geographical and Earth Science (University of Glasgow).

Active research projects:

My ultimate research goal is to create a framework for predicting shoreline change in a range of coastal environments in response to short-term weather events. I hope to extract information about the coast and storm activity using automatic analysis of satellite and ground-based imagery, and weather and wave forecasts. These conditions will then feed into a numerical model of shoreline change, which will form the basis of a user-friendly, opensource software solution to predict a coastline’s response to upcoming storms that can be run regularly at a range of spatial and temporal scales by coastal managers and stakeholders.

Recent publications:

Fitton, J. M., Rennie, A. F., Hansom, J. D., & Muir, F. M. (2021). Remotely sensed mapping of the intertidal zone: A Sentinel-2 and Google Earth Engine methodology. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 22, 100499.

Rennie, A.F., Hansom, J.D. , Hurst, M.D. , Muir, F.M.E. , Naylor, L.A. , Dunkley, R.A. and MacDonell, C.J. (2021). Dynamic Coast Research Summary (2021). Technical Report. Centre of Expertise for Waters.

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