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Esther Mabedi

Department / group: Division of Energy, Environment and Society
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Advancing Methods for Assessing, Mapping and Managing Risks to Groundwater Quality and Access in Malawi:

Water and sanitation provision in rural and peri-urban Malawi are conflicting necessities with water points and pit latrines often found in close proximity with each other. However, pit latrines are potential sources of contaminants (e.g. microbial, hydrocarbons) to water points accessing water from aquifers below. Quantifying the risks on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services requires an understanding of: Contaminant sources, pathways and receptors, Population dynamics in rural and peri-urban areas, Risk frameworks that account for multiple contributing factors and interdependencies. this PhD will explore methods on how best to understand these dynamics and develop a risk assessment framework from the same.

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