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Ellen MacDonald

Research interests:

Coralline algae, palaeoarchives, ocean acidification, ocean change, isotope geochemistry

Career history:

2017- PhD Candidate in Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow
2017 Research Technician, Department of Earth Science, University of Bristol
2012- 2016 MSci Palaeontology and Evolution, University of Bristol

Active research projects:

PhD in Earth Sciences,

Oceans on Acid: using historic ocean acidification to understand marine ecosystem function under global change.

Recent publications:

Mears, E.M., Rossi, V., MacDonald, E., Coleman, G., Davies, T.G., Arias-Riesgo, C., Hildebrandt, C., Thiel, H., Duffin, C.J., Whiteside, D.I. and Benton, M.J., 2016. The Rhaetian (Late Triassic) vertebrates of Hampstead Farm Quarry, Gloucestershire, UK. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 127(4), pp.478- 505.

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