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Dr. Tom Bradwell

Research interests:

I am a geoscientist interested in glacial geology and landscape change in terrestrial and marine settings. My research focuses on:

1. Reconstructing the glacial history of NW Europe and the surrounding continental shelf;

2. Measuring and understanding modern rates of glacier change;

3. Refining geochronological surface-dating techniques;

4. Enhanced landscape and seabed mapping;

5. Characterizing glacial sediments, with particular reference to sub-surface fluid storage.

Career history:

Lecturer in Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology

PhD – University of Edinburgh, Geography (2001)

BSc – University of Liverpool, Earth Sciences (1997)

Previously employment:

British Geological Survey (NERC) – Senior Scientist (2001-2014)

Active research projects:

BRITICE-CHRONO. NERC Large Grant (PI: Chris Clark, Sheffield). Co-investigator with 9 others.

Recent publications:

Krabbendam M, Eyles N, Putkinen N, Bradwell T & Arbelaez-Moreno L Streamlined hard beds formed by palaeo-ice streams: A review (Forthcoming/Available Online), Sedimentary Geology.

Dove D, Arosio R, Finlayson A, Bradwell T & Howe JA (2015) Submarine glacial landforms record Late Pleistocene ice-sheet dynamics, Inner Hebrides, Scotland, Quaternary Science Reviews, 123, pp. 76-90.

Armstrong RA & Bradwell T (2015) ‘Growth rings’ in crustose lichens: Comparison with directly measured growth rates and implications for lichenometry, Quaternary Geochronology, 28, pp. 88-95.

Bradwell T & Stoker M (2015) Submarine sediment and landform record of a palaeo-ice stream within the British-Irish ice sheet, Boreas, 44 (2), pp. 255-276.

Pearce D, Rea BR, Bradwell T & McDougall D (2014) Glacial geomorphology of the Tweedsmuir Hills, Central Southern Uplands, Scotland, Journal of Maps, 10 (3), pp. 457-465.

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