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Dr. Susan Fitzer

Department / group: School of Geographical and Earth Sciences
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Research interests:

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Marine Aquaculture, Marine Biology, Ocean Acidification, Life History, Climate Change, Marine Ecology, Marine Biodiversity, Calcium Carbonate, Biomineralization, Oceanography, Aquatic Ecosystems

Career history:

Present: Research fellow, University of Stirling

PDRA, University of Glasgow

Sep 2008–Sep 2011: PhD Marine Science, Newcastle University, UK

PhD entitled ‘Sensitivity and predicted population level effects of CO2-induced ocean acidification in the benthic harpacticoid copepod, Tisbe battagliai’

Active research projects:

Not available

Recent publications:

Fitzer, S.C., Chung, P., Maccherozzi, F., Dhesi, S.S., Kamenos, N.A., Phoenix, V.R. and Cusack, M., 2016. Biomineral shell formation under ocean acidification: a shift from order to chaos. Scientific reports, 6.

Fitzer, S.C., Vittert, L., Bowman, A., Kamenos, N.A., Phoenix, V.R. and Cusack, M., 2015. Ocean acidification and temperature increase impact mussel shell shape and thickness: problematic for protection?. Ecology and evolution, 5(21), pp.4875-4884.

Fitzer, S.C., Zhu, W., Tanner, K.E., Phoenix, V.R., Kamenos, N.A. and Cusack, M., 2015. Ocean acidification alters the material properties of Mytilus edulis shells. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 12(103), p.20141227.

Fitzer, S.C., Cusack, M., Phoenix, V.R. and Kamenos, N.A., 2014. Ocean acidification reduces the crystallographic control in juvenile mussel shells. Journal of structural biology, 188(1), pp.39-45.

Fitzer, S.C., Phoenix, V.R., Cusack, M. and Kamenos, N.A., 2014. Ocean acidification impacts mussel control on biomineralisation. Scientific reports, 4.

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