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Dr Sammy Griffin

Research interests:

Magma chamber dynamics
computational modelling

Career history:

PDRA (University of Glasgow, UK): Post-hydration evolution of C-complex asteroids
PDRA (University of Glasgow, UK): EBSD of Martian Meteorites
PhD (University of Glasgow, UK): Earth Science titled "Investigating the nakhlite source volcano on Mars via electron backscatter diffraction"
MSc (University of Canterbury, NZ): Geology titled "Geochemical tracing of the source of water dissolved inorganic carbon and chloride in Banks Peninsula warm springs, New Zealand"
BSc (University of Canterbury, NZ): Chemistry and Geology endorsed with Environmental Science

Active research projects:

Post-hydration evolution of C-complex asteroids
Detangling shock versus emplacement microstructural signatures
Contextualising geological experimental data via computational modelling
Three phase magma chamber modelling
Understanding the origin of the nakhlite meteorites
Carbon capture using Slag

Recent publications:

Griffin, S.; Daly, L.; Keller, T.; Piazolo, S.; Forman, L. V.; Lee, M. R.; Cohen, B. E.; Trimby, P. W.; Baumgartner, R. J.; Benedix, G. K.; Irving, A. J.; Hoefnagels, B. (2022). Constraints on the emplacement of Martian nakhlite igneous rocks and their source volcano from micro-petrofabric analysis. JGPR: Planets. DOI: 10.1029/2021JE007080.

Griffin, S.; Daly, L.; Piazolo, S.; Forman, L. V.; Cohen, B. E.; Lee, M. R.; Trimby, P. W.; Baumgartner, R. J.; Benedix, G. K.; Hoefnagels, B. (in Press) Can the magmatic conditions of the Martian nakhlites be discerned via investigation of clinopyroxene and olivine crystallographic internal misorientations? JGPR: Planets. DOI: 10.1029/2021JE007082

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