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Dr Sabolc Pap

Research interests:

I am an environmental-chemical engineer with 13 years’ experience (2 years post-doctoral), with 13 publications to date (an international journals). I’ve spent 13 years in academia, studying, lecturing and undertaking research. I hold a board range of interdisciplinary research interest, but focus on (a) adsorption technology in water and wastewater treatment for removal of emerging contaminants (metals/metalloids and pharmaceuticals), (b) the fate, transport and behaviour of emerging pollutants in water, (c) synthesis, functionalisation and characterisation of adsorbent mediums from biomass and other waste/raw materials consistent with the principles of a ‘circular economy’

Career history:

February 2015 – January 2018: Teaching Assistant with PhD at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Environmental Engineering and Occupational Safety and Health (gained my PhD in September 2017)
November 2017 – present: Water Technologist – Post-Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) at the Environmental Research Institute, North Highland College, University of the Highlands and Islands.

Active research projects:

Phos4You – European Regional Development Fund through the INTERREG V B Northwest Europe programme

Recent publications:

Rae, I.B., Pap, S., Svobodova, D. and Gibb, S.W., 2019. Comparison of sustainable biosorbents and ion-exchange resins to remove Sr2+ from simulant nuclear wastewater: Batch, dynamic and mechanism studies. Science of the Total Environment, 650, 2411-2422.

Turk Sekulic, M., Boskovic, N., Slavkovic, A., Garunovic, J., Kolakovic, S. and Pap, S., 2019. Surface functionalised adsorbent for emerging pharmaceutical removal: Adsorption performance and mechanisms. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 125, 50-63.

Paunovic, O., Pap, S., Maletic, S., Taggart, M.A., Boskovic, N., Turk Sekulic, M., 2019. Ionisable emerging pharmaceutical adsorption onto microwave functionalised biochar derived from novel lignocellulosic waste biomass. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 547, 350-360.

Turk Sekulic, M., Boskovic, N., Milanovic, M., Grujic Letic, N., Gligoric, E., Pap, S., 2019. An insight into the adsorption of three emerging pharmaceutical contaminants on multifunctional carbonous adsorbent: Mechanisms, modelling and metal coadsorption. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 284, 372-382.

Li, Y., Taggart, M.A., McKenzie, C., Zhang, Z., Lu, Y., Pap, S., Gibb, S., 2019. Utilizing low-cost natural waste for the removal of pharmaceuticals from water: Mechanisms, isotherms and kinetics at low concentrations. Journal of Cleaner Production, 227, 88-97.

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