Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society

Dr Peter Gilbert

Research interests:

Carbon cycling in aquatic systems; riverine carbon exports; source to sea carbon dynamics; greenhouse gas fluxes; eddy co-variance; geochemistry; peatlands/restoration; environmental sciences; land management

Career history:

Environmental Research Institute, University of Highlands & Islands – Post-Doctoral Research Assistant – July 2016 – Present

Active research projects:

RESAS – GHG emissions during forest to bog restoration of afforested peatlands
LOCATE – Land Ocean Carbon Transfer – CEH led
FREEDOM – Forecasting risk to upland water treatment assets from the environmental exacerbation of dissolved organic matter levels – CEH led
InSAR-TOPS – using InSAR satellite ground motion to monitor peatland sensitivity to climate change

Recent publications:

Sloan T., Payne R., Anderson R., Bain C., Chapman S., Cowie N., Gilbert P, Lindsay R., Mauquoy D., Newton A., Andersen R. 2018. The effects of afforestation on peatland carbon storage in the UK. Mires and Peat. 23. 1-17.

Bravo A., Kothawala D., et al. Gilbert P. (+30 authors) 2018. The interplay between total mercury, methylmercury and dissolved organic matter in fluvial systems: A latitudinal study across Europe. Water Research. 144. 172-182

Payne R., Anderson R., Sloan T., Gilbert P., Newton A., Ratcliffe J. Maguey D., Andersen R. 2018. The future of peatland forestry in Scotland: balancing economics, carbon and biodiversity. Scottish Forestry. 72. 1. 34-40.

Taylor S., Gilbert P., Cooke D., Deary M., Jeffries M. High carbon burial rates by small ponds in the landscape. Accepted (June 2018) for publication in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Gilbert P., Taylor S., Cooke D., Deary M., Jeffries M. 2016. Quantifying rapid spatial and temporal variations of CO2 fluxes from small, lowland freshwater ponds. Hydrobiologia. 793. 1. 83-93.

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