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Dr. Noel Gourmelen

Research interests:

My research interests focus on the response of the Cryosphere to a changing climate, in particular to establish what controls the mass loss of the ice sheets, ice caps and mountain glaciers and to quantify their contribution to sea level change. I have interests in the use of satellite observation and in the development of new methods to use satellite observation to make inferences about the Earth’s surface.

Research expertise:

Cryosphere, Earth Observation, Ice-Ocean interaction, Ice sheets, Ice shelves, Mountain Glaciers, Active tectonics, Sub-surface reservoir, surface deformation, surface topography, Geophysics

Career history:

2013 – Lecturer, University of Edinburgh

2011 – Lecturer, University of Strasbourg

2011 – Visiting Scientist, European Space Agency

2009 – Research Associate, University of Leeds

2008 – Research Associate, University of Edinburgh

2009 – PhD, University of Miami, USA

Active research projects:

CryoTop-MtG – STSE CryoSat+ Mountain Glaciers, Gourmelen, N., 1/07/15-30/04/16

Past, Present and future dynamic of glaciers in Himalaya, Tiber and TienShan regions from Earth Observations and field missions, Gourmelen, N., 1/08/14- 31/07/17

AugMent – Water Monitoring for Decision Support (AG124), Gourmelen, N. 17/04/14 –


Himalayan Glacier Dynamics, Gourmelen, N., 1/09/12- 31/08/16

Recent publications:

Gourmelen, N., Park, J. and Shepherd, A., 2016. GreenSAR—Greenland and Antarctic Grounding Lines from SAR Data. In Remote Sensing Advances for Earth System Science (pp. 35-49). Springer International Publishing.

Tedstone, A.J., Nienow, P.W., Gourmelen, N., Dehecq, A., Goldberg, D. and Hanna, E., 2015. Decadal slowdown of a land-terminating sector of the Greenland Ice Sheet despite warming. Nature, 526(7575), pp.692-695.

Kropáček, J., Neckel, N., Tyrna, B., Holzer, N., Hovden, A., Gourmelen, N., Schneider, C., Buchroithner, M. and Hochschild, V., 2015. Repeated glacial lake outburst flood threatening the oldest Buddhist monastery in north-western Nepal. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 15(10), pp.2425-2437.

Dehecq, A., Gourmelen, N. and Trouve, E., 2015. Deriving large-scale glacier velocities from a complete satellite archive: Application to the Pamir–Karakoram–Himalaya. Remote Sensing of Environment, 162, pp.55-66.

Voytenko, D., Dixon, T.H., Howat, I.M., Gourmelen, N., Lembke, C., Werner, C.L., De La Peña, S. and Oddsson, B., 2015. Multi-year observations of Breiðamerkurjökull, a marine-terminating glacier in southeastern Iceland, using terrestrial radar interferometry. Journal of Glaciology, 61(225), pp.42-54.

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