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Professor Nicholas Hanley

Department / group: Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine
Personal URL: N/A
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Research interests:

I am an environmental economist who mainly works on the application of economic methods (including behavioural economics) to biodiversity conservation, invasive species, and measures of sustainability. I am also interested in choice modelling and cost-benefit analysis; marine systems; the design of environmental policy (especially Payment for Ecosystem Service schemes); the economics of pollination; and ecological-economic modelling. I am an Associate Editor of Resource and Energy Economics.

Career history:

I joined the Institute in December 2017, having previously held chairs at the universities of Stirling, Edinburgh and St Andrews.
Present: Chair in Environmental and One Health Economics – University of Glasgow

Active research projects:

1/07/15 – 30/10/15: Calving Glacier Survey using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Hulton, N.

UK-based charities

1/05/12 – 31/07/16: CRIOS with UNIS representation of calving margins in Ice Sheet Models, Hulton, N.

Non-EU other

Recent publications:

Gilligan, C. et al. (2013) Tree Health and Plant Biosecurity Expert Taskforce: Final Report. Documentation. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Vanbergen, A. J., Heard, M. S., Breeze, T., Potts, S. G. and Hanley, N. (2013) Status and Value of Pollinators and Pollination Services: A Report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), ID PH5014. Other. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Bergmann, A. and Hanley, N. (2012) The Costs and Benefits of Renewable Energy in Scotland: Report to the Expert Group on Environmental Studies, 2012:5. Other. Ministry of Finance of the Government of Sweden.

Hanley, N. (2011) UK National Ecosystems Assessment, June 2011. Other. UK NEA.

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