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Dr. Nia White

Department / group: Abertay Graduate School
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Research interests:

I have over 20 years of research experience in Microbiology and Mycology, particularly the physiology, molecular biology, ecology, evolution and environmental control of Serpula lacrymans the dry rot fungus; experimental and mathematical modelling of the growth and community dynamics of filamentous fungi; and aspects of the ecology and biology of other wood-decay and soil fungi.

I am particularly passionate about collaborative working and interdisciplinary research, and was involved in the development of SIMBIOS at Abertay – an environmental sciences research group with an interest in complex systems and the use of modelling methodologies, to gain a better understanding of these systems and applied across a wide range of discipline areas (from epidemiology to soil microbiology and everything in between). I have led the development of our new University Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy R-LINCS, which is an extended, accelerated and enhanced expression of this collaborative and interdisciplinary approach.

Career history:

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Active research projects:

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Recent publications:

Falconer, R.E; Otten, W. & White, N.A. (2015) Toward Modeling the Resistance and Resilience of “Below-ground” Fungal Communities: A Mechanistic and Trait-Based Approach. Advances in Applied Microbiology Vol 93 (S. Sariaslani & G. Gadd Eds.).pp. 1-44. Elsevier Academic Press.

Walker, G.M. & White, N.A. (2011) Introduction to fungal physiology. In: Fungi: Biology and Applications. (K. Kavanagh Ed.). Second Edition. pp. 1-34. John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Chichester, England.

Falconer RE, Bown JL, McAdam E, Perez-Reche P, Sampson AT, van den Bulcke J and White NA, (2010) Modelling fungal colonies and communities: challenges and opportunities. IMA Fungus Volume 1 No.2: 155-159.

Ruth E. Falconer, James L. Bown, Nia A. White & John W. Crawford (2010). Linking individual behaviour to community scale patterns in fungi. Fungal Ecology. 4(1): pp.76-82.

Falconer, Ruth E.; Bown, James L.; McAdam, Eilidh; Perez-Reche, Paco; Sampson, Adam T.; Van den Bulcke, Jan & White, Nia A. (2010) Modelling fungal colonies and communities: challenges and opportunities. IMA FUNGUS (Proceedings from the Special Interest Group of the International Mycological Congress IMC9, Edinburgh, UK).

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