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Dr Miza Moreau

Department / group: School of Geographical & Earth Sciences
Personal URL: N/A
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

Residential alleys in inner-cities: underdetermined spaces of unrealised potentials

Scaling up environmentalism through informal reappropriations of public space

Career history:

Research Associate in Environmental Design and Planning
University of Glasgow, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences. 2019-present

Research Fellow
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. 2019

Studio Leader
Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne. 2019

Active research projects:

My work investigates the functional potentials and cultural meanings of urban landscapes, focusing on the relationships among small-scale spatial practices, urban morphology and the environment, and the policies that govern them. The sites for my investigation are everyday and overlooked spaces, and the aim is to make visible their latent creative, social, and ecological potentials. My research approach is situated at the intersection of social science theories, practical design applications, and creative explorations.

My previous research investigated the range of small-scale reappropriations in residential alleys in Melbourne, Australia, and mapped and analyzed these in relation to urban morphology and planning policy. The findings revealed the capacity for small-scale reappropriations to grow in size and meaning, and for alleys to become vibrant common spaces.

Recent publications:

Book review: Design as democracy: techniques for collective creativity.
Urban Policy and Research. published online September 18, 2019

Refereed Proceedings: From undetermined to overdetermined space: Public/private interface in residential back-laneways.
State of Australian Cities Conference. 2018

Refereed Proceedings: A methodology for exploring relationships among physical features of residential back-laneways and their uses.
State of Australian Cities Conference. 2015

Book chapter: The evolution of an urban form: Six centuries of an ethnically diverse Sarajevo.
The Ethnically Diverse City, ed. Eckardt, F. & Eade J., Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag, Germany, pp. 579-599. 2011

Other: Urban stormwater mitigation strategies. Ecological Analysis Reader,
Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, The University of California at Berkeley. 2006-2013

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