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Dr Matthias Kuhnert

Research interests:

Spatial modelling, crop yield modelling, scale effects in modelling, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon and nitrogen dynamics in different ecosystems, ecosystem modelling, climate extreme impacts on agricultural ecosystems, biogeochemistry, global change, water repellent soils, surface runoff, soil erosion, raster map comparison, extreme events, soil organic carbon, climate change impact, soil-atmosphere-vegetation interaction

Career history:

Since 2010 Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen (UK)

2007 – 2010 Postdoc/Reseacrh Fellow at the Technical University of Dresden (Germany)

2003 – 2006 Doktorand (similar to PhD) at GeoForschungsZentrum Postdam (Germany)

Active research projects:

CIRCASA project:
CIRCASA project aims to strengthen the coordination and synergies in European and global research on SOC sequestration in agricultural soils, leading to an improved understanding and scientific basis to target ambitious practices required to preserve and enhance SOC.

VERIFY project:
VERIFY’s primary aim is to develop scientifically robust methods to assess the accuracy and potential biases in national inventories reported by the parties through an independent pre-operational framework. The main concept is to provide observation-based estimates of anthropogenic and natural GHG emissions and sinks as well as associated uncertainties. The proposed approach is based on the integration of atmospheric measurements, improved emission inventories, ecosystem data, and satellite observations, and on an understanding of processes controlling GHG fluxes (ecosystem models, GHG emission models).

Recent publications:

Khadiza Begum, Matthias Kuhnert, Jagadeesh B. Yeluripati, Stephen Ogle, William J. Parton, Stephen A. Williams, Genxing Pan, Kun Cheng, Muhammad A. Ali, Pete Smith (in press). Modelling greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation potentials in fetilized paddy rice fields in Bangladesh, Geoderma, in press

Begum, K.; Kuhnert, M.; Yeluripati, Y.; Ogle, S.; Parton, W. Kader, M.A.; Smith, P. (2018). Model based regional estimates of soil organic carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas mitigation potentials from rice croplands in Bangladesh. Land, 7(3) pp. 82-99

Begum, K.; Kuhnert, M.; Yeluripati, Y.; Ogle, S.; Parton, W. Kader, M.A.; Smith, P. (2018). Soil organic carbon sequestration and mitigation potential in a rice cropland in Bangladesh – a modelling approach. Field Crops Research, vol 226, pp. 16-27

Begum, K.; Kuhnert, M.; Yeluripati, Y.; Glendining, M.; Smith, P. (2017). Simulating soil carbon sequestration from long term fertilizer and manure additions under continuous wheat using the DailyDayCent model. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, vol 109, pp. 291-302

Kuhnert, M., Yeluripati, J., Smith, P., Hoffmann, H., van Oijen, M., Constantin, J., Coucheney, E., Dechow, R., Eckersten, H., Gaiser, T., Grosz, B., Haas, E., Kersebaum, K.-C., Liese, R., Klatt, S., Lewan, E., Nendel, C., Raynal, H., Carmen, S., Specka, X., Teixeira, E., Wang, E., Weihermüller, L., Zhao, G., Zhao, Z., Ogle, S. & Ewert, F. (2017). Impact analysis of climate data aggregation at different spatial scales on simulated net primary productivity for croplands. European Journal of Agronomy vol 88, pp. 41-52. DOI: 10.1016/j.eja.2016.06.005

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