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Dr. Marie Porter

Department / group: Physics and Technology / Dynamic Oceans Research Theme
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Research interests:

My scientific interests lie in understanding energy exchange between different geophysical systems. The main focus of my research is how the ocean influences climate through exchanges with shallow seas and the atmosphere. I am particularly interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to oceanographic research.

Career history:


Postdoctoral Research Assistant, SAMS

2008-2012: PhD student, SAMS and University of Aberdeen: ‘Linking surface fluctuations of terrestrial ice masses to variability within the mixed layer of the surrounding oceans.’ (Supervisors: Toby Sherwin, Brice Rea and Doug Mair)

Active research projects:


Recent publications:

Vlasenko, V., Stashchuk, N., Inall, M.E., Porter, M. and Aleynik, D., 2016. Focusing of baroclinic tidal energy in a canyon. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.

Porter, M., Inall, M.E., Green, J.A.M., Simpson, J.H., Dale, A.C. and Miller, P.I., 2016. Drifter observations in the summer time bay of Biscay slope current. Journal of Marine Systems.

Inall, M., Sherwin, T., Smeed, D., Palmer, M., Porter, M. and Dumont, E., 2013, April. The use of multiple AUVs in FASTNEt: a study of Ocean Shelf Exchange. In EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts (Vol. 15, p. 10670).

Porter, M., Inall, M., Green, M., Simpson, J. and Dale, A., 2013, April. Seasonally Variable Cross-Slope Exchange in the Bay of Biscay Slope Current. In EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts (Vol. 15, p. 4267).

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