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Dr. Marc Metzger

Department / group: School of Geosciences, Geography and the Lived Environment / Environment and Society

Research interests:

Global change impacts on ecosystem services: Global environmental change will cause significant changes in ecosystems and the services they provide. I’m interested in these potential impacts, and the consequences of the impacts for society.

Foresight analysis "The most likely future isn’t" (Herman Kahn, 1967). I’m therefore keen to develop scenario planning tools to prepare for an uncertain future with global environmental changes.

Assessing stock and change in ecosystem resources: Biodiversity is declining rapidly, yet we still don’t know the extent or trends of change for many species, habitats and ecosystems. I try to contribute to the development of robust analytical methods to quantify stock and change in these important resources.

Career history:

Marc is a Senior Lecturer in Environment and Society within the Research Institute of Geography and the Lived Environment. He joined Edinburgh University in 2007 as a Senior Research Fellow in Environmental Change Modelling. Before he was a lecturer in Environmental Assessment at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He studied ecosystem biology between 1995 and 2000, and undertook his PhD in European vulnerability to global change impacts on ecosystem services from 2001-2005, also at Wageningen University. Over the past 10 years Marc has worked in a wide range of interdisciplinary projects focusing on the potential impacts of global environmental change on ecosystems and the services they provide to society.

Active research projects:

ACES: Abrupt Changes in Ecosystem Services and Wellbeing in Mozambican Woodlands

Patenaude, G., Meir, P., Ryan, C., Fisher, J. & Metzger, M. J.

30/11/13 – 29/03/17

OPERAs – Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications

Rounsevell, M., Patenaude, G., Wilson, M. & Metzger, M. J.

1/12/12 – 30/11/17

EU government bodies

Recent publications:

Guerra, C.A., Metzger, M.J., Maes, J. and Pinto-Correia, T., 2016. Policy impacts on regulating ecosystem services: looking at the implications of 60 years of landscape change on soil erosion prevention in a Mediterranean silvo-pastoral system. Landscape Ecology, 31(2), pp.271-290.

Guerra, C.A., Maes, J., Geijzendorffer, I. and Metzger, M.J., 2016. An assessment of soil erosion prevention by vegetation in Mediterranean Europe: Current trends of ecosystem service provision. Ecological Indicators, 60, pp.213-222.

Holman, I.P., Harrison, P.A. and Metzger, M.J., 2016. Cross-sectoral impacts of climate and socio-economic change in Scotland: implications for adaptation policy. Regional Environmental Change, 16(1), pp.97-109.

Thomas, H.J., Paterson, J.S., Metzger, M.J. and Sing, L., 2015. Towards a research agenda for woodland expansion in Scotland. Forest Ecology and Management, 349, pp.149-161.

Leito, A., Bunce, R.G.H., Külvik, M., Ojaste, I., Raet, J., Villoslada, M., Leivits, M., Kull, A., Kuusemets, V., Kull, T. and Metzger, M.J., 2015. The potential impacts of changes in ecological networks, land use and climate on the Eurasian crane population in Estonia. Landscape Ecology, 30(5), pp.887-904.

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