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Dr Luke Daly

Research interests:

Early solar system evolution
pre-solar grains
primitive meteorites
asteroid evolution
Space weathering
nanoscale crystallographic chemical and isotopic measurements
microstructure of meteorties
refractory materials
Highly siderophile elements
electron microscopy techniques: SEM, EDS, EBSD, FIB, TEM, TKD, TIMA,
Atom Probe micrsocopy.
fireball observation and meteortie recovery with the desert and UK fireball network

Career history:

2013-2017, Curtin University, Perth: PhD Applied Geology under Prof. Phil Bland. Title of thesis: Understanding our protoplanetary disk by chemical analysis of components in meteorites.
2017-present, Posdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Glasgow under Prof. Martin Lee.

Active research projects:

Refractory metal nuggets and their implications for early solar system processes.
The age of pre-solar grains.
Electron backscatter diffraction and the micro-structure, petrofabrics, shock history, and aqueous alteration of Martian meteorites.
The petrofabrics of primitive chondrites.
Pathways for fluid migration in heated CM chondrites and 3D chemical and crystallographic measurements of chondrites by plasma focused ion beam.
Space weathering of Itokawa regolith particles and lunar soil by atom probe microscopy.
Global fireball observatory, UK fireball network.
The martian carbon cycle.
Martian Mantle dynamics.
The crystallinity of steel slags and implications for leaching stability and carbon capture.
Oyster shell morphology variations with acidity, implications for oyster farming and climate change.

Recent publications:

Daly, L. et al. 2018 Defining the potential of nanoscale Re-Os isotope systematics using atom probe microscopy. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research,
Daly L. et al., 2017, In situ analysis of refractory metal nuggets in carbonaceous chondrites, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 216, 61-81
Daly, L., et al., 2017, Crystallography of refractory metal nuggets in carbonaceous chondrites, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 216, 42-60
Daly L. et al., 2017, Nebula sulphidation and evidence for migration of “free-floating” refractory metal nuggets revealed by atom probe microscopy, Geology, 45 (9): 847-850.
Forman L.V. et al., 2017, Defining the mechanism for compaction of the CV chondrite parent body, Geology, 45 (6): 559-562.

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