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Dr. Laetitia Pichevin

Department / group: School of Geosciences, Global Change / Oceans and Past Climate
Google Scholar URL: Not available

Research interests:

My research aims at understanding the role of the ocean in modulating climate changes in the past (from decadal to orbital timescales) using an array of stable isotopic and other geochemical methods in marine sediment cores. Specifically, I have investigated past changes in the marine biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and silicon in key regions of the ocean during the Late Quaternary. More recently, I have developed challenging trace element measurements in cleaned diatom frustules in the view to reconstruct past changes in marine micro-nutrient bioavailability and document their impact on the marine biological pump of carbon. In addition, I am using geochemical tools in highly-resolved marine sedimentary archives to reconstruct past changes in ENSO variability and investigate their relationship with the climate mean state.

Career history:

Present: Senior Researcher in Palaeoceanography/Palaeoclimatology, University of Edinburgh

PhD, Universite Bordeaux:

“Organic matter accumulation in a deep-sea environment (Benguela upwelling system): climate and palaeoproductivity changes over the last 250 kyr”

Active research projects:

Not available

Recent publications:

Arellano‐Torres, E., Ganeshram, R.S., Pichevin, L.E. and Salas‐de‐Leon, D.A., 2015. Persistent millennial‐scale climate variability in the eastern tropical North Pacific over the last two glacial cycles. Paleoceanography, 30(6), pp.682-701.

Chang, A.S., Pichevin, L., Pedersen, T.F., Gray, V. and Ganeshram, R., 2015. New insights into productivity and redox‐controlled trace element (Ag, Cd, Re, and Mo) accumulation in a 55 kyr long sediment record from Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California. Paleoceanography, 30(2), pp.77-94.

Romero, O.E., Crosta, X., Kim, J.H., Pichevin, L. and Crespin, J., 2015. Rapid longitudinal migrations of the filament front off Namibia (SE Atlantic) during the past 70kyr. Global and Planetary Change, 125, pp.1-12.

Pichevin, L.E., Ganeshram, R.S., Geibert, W., Thunell, R. and Hinton, R., 2014. Silica burial enhanced by iron limitation in oceanic upwelling margins. Nature Geoscience, 7(7), pp.541-546.

Sadekov, A.Y., Ganeshram, R., Pichevin, L., Berdin, R., McClymont, E., Elderfield, H. and Tudhope, A.W., 2013. Palaeoclimate reconstructions reveal a strong link between El Niño-Southern Oscillation and Tropical Pacific mean state. Nature communications, 4.

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