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Dr Kate Buckeridge

Department / group: Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security
Personal URL: N/A
Google Scholar URL: N/A

Research interests:

Soil microbial ecology, ecosystem ecology, microbial biogeochemistry, arctic, agroecosystems, carbon and nitrogen cycling

Career history:

Postdoc – University of California, Santa Barbara
Postdoc – University of Kansas
Postdoc – Lancaster University
Postdoc – University of Edinburgh

Active research projects:

N-Circle: UK-China virtual joint centre for closing the N cycle in agriculture

Recent publications:

1. Buckeridge, K.M., McLaren, J. Decoupled above- and belowground responses to multidecadal factorial nitrogen and phosphorus amendments in two Alaskan tundra ecosystems. Accepted, Ecosphere.
2. Min, K., Buckeridge, K.M., Bagchi, S., Edwards, K.A., Ziegler, S.E., Billings, S.A. 2019. Resistant temperature sensitivity of microbial exo-enzyme activities and CO2 efflux across diverse timescales. Global Change Biology. DOI: 10.1111/gcb.14605
3. Malik, A.A., Puissant, J., Buckeridge, K.M., Goodall, T., Jehmlich. N., Chowdhury, S., Mason, K., Gleixner, G., Griffiths, R.I. 2018. Land use driven change in soil pH affects microbial carbon cycling processes. Nature Communications. 9: 3591.
4. McLaren, J., Buckeridge, K.M., van de Weg, M., Gough, L., Shaver, G., Schimel, J.P. 2017. Effects of increasing shrub abundance on leaf and root litter decomposition in arctic tundra. Ecology. 98: 1361-1376.
5. Buckeridge, K.M., Schaeffer, S. and Schimel, J.P. 2016. Vegetation leachate during arctic thaw enhances soil microbial phosphorus. Ecosystems 19: 477-489.

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