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Dr John Shi

Department / group: School of Interdisciplinary Studies
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Research interests:

Dr John Shi is an expert on water resources and climate research, with interests on modeling and predicting the role of water resources in the climate system and understanding the nature of hydrologic variability and change under changing climate at local, regional, continental, and global scales. His research has been focused on land surface hydrologic model development, the analysis and modeling of hydrometeorological hazards (e.g. floods and droughts), hydrological forecasting, groundwater and surface-water interactions, snow and permafrost hydrology, and coupled modeling of land-atmosphere interactions in the context of climate variability and change by using remote sensing data, reanalysis products and in situ observations, as well as model outputs.

Career history:

Dr John Shi is a senior lecturer in hydrology at the University of Glasgow. He earned his PhD from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington in 2013. Then, he was awarded the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) postdoctoral fellowship and worked at Environment Canada’s National Hydrology Research Centre. Prior to joining the University of Glasgow in 2018, he has previously worked as a lecturer at Lancaster University and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, and a research scientist in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia. In 2015, he received the Research Innovation Award of Australian Water Association.

Active research projects:

Ongoing projects after joining the University of Glasgow in 2018:

Royal Academy of Engineering Frontiers of Development Seed Funding, UK, Geophysical investigations of groundwater for rural community-use in Lobitos, Peru, 2018-2019, £19,905 total

Recent publications:

Fu, G, F. Chiew, and X. Shi, 2017: Generation of multi-site stochastic daily rainfall with four weather generators: A case study of Gloucester catchment in Australia, Theoretical Applied Climatology, 10.1007/s00704-017-2306-3.

Pan, X., Q. Yu, Y. You, K Chun, X. Shi, and Y. Li, 2017: Contribution of supra-permafrost discharge to thermokarst lake water balances on the northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Journal of Hydrology, 555, 621-630.

Lee, K., H. Gao, M. Huang, J. Sheffield, and X. Shi, 2017: Development and Application of Improved Long-Term Datasets of Surface Hydrology for Texas, Advances in Meteorology, 1, 1-13.

Li, Z., Z. Hao, X. Shi*, S. J. Déry, J. Li, S. Chen, and K. Li, 2016: An agricultural drought index to incorporate the irrigation process and reservoir operations: A case study in the Tarim River Basin, Global and Planetary Change, 143, 10-20.

Kang, D. H., H. Gao, X. Shi, S. Islam, and S. J. Déry, 2016: Impacts of a rapidly declining mountain snowpack on streamflow timing in Canada’s Fraser River Basin, Scientific Reports, 6, 19299.

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