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Dr Johanne Vad

Research interests:

Time-series analysis
Deep-sea and open ocean ecosystems
Human impacts
Ecology of deep-sea sponge grounds

Career history:

December 2018 – August 2020: Postdoctoral Research Associate working within the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 ATLAS project
August 2020 – May 2023: Postdoctoral Research Associate working within the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 iAtlantic project

Active research projects:

ATLAS project:
The ATLAS project aims at improving the understanding of North Atlantic deep-sea ecosystems and associated species in the context of Climate Change and increasing pressure from human activities.

iAtlantic project:
The iAtlantic project investigates the health of deep-sea and open ocean ecosystems across the Atlantic oceans to produce data and knowledge which will help managed marine ecosystems sustainably.

Recent publications:

Vad ,J., et al., (2020) Soaking up the oil: biological impacts of dispersants and crude oil on the sponge Halichondria panicea. Chemosphere

Morato, T., et al. (2020) Climate-Induced changes in the suitable habitat of cold-water corals and commercially important deep-sea fishes in the North Atlantic. Global Change Biology.

Vad, J., et al. (2020) Environmental controls and anthropogenic impacts on deep-sea spogne grounds in the Faroe-Shetland Channel, NE Atlantic: the importance of considering spatial scale to distinguish drivers of change.ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Kazanidis, G. et al., (2019) Distribution of deep-sea spogne aggregations in an area of multisectoral activities and changing oceanic conditions. Frontiers in Marine Science.

Vad, J., et al., (2018) Potential Impacts of offshore oil and gas activities on deep-sea sponges and the habitats they form. Advances in Marine Biology.

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