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Dr. Jefferson Gomes

Research interests:

Computational multi-fluids dynamics (CMFD), multi-physics modelling, adaptive numerical methods, finite element methods (FEM), computational optimisation, porous media flow, turbulence modelling, nuclear criticality, reactor physics, heat and mass transfers.

Career history:

Lecturer in Engineering, University of Aberdeen (2012-today);

Visiting Academic, Imperial College London (2013-today);

Visiting Academic, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, 2005-today);

Research Fellow, Imperial College London (2010-2012);

Research Associate, Imperial College London (2006-2010);

PhD, Imperial College London (2004).

Active research projects:

Self-adaptive computational methods; Multiphase compositional porous media flow (reservoir simulation); Safety assessment for nuclear systems (severe accident modelling); Atmospheric modelling.

Recent publications:

Pavlidis, D., Gomes, JLMA., Xie, Z., Percival, JR., Pain, CC. & Matar, OK. (2016). ‘Compressive advection and multi-component methods for interface-capturing’. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, vol 80, no. 4, pp. 256-282.

Mostaghimi, P., Percival, JR., Pavlidis, D., Ferrier, RJ., Gomes, JLMA., Gorman, GJ., Jackson, MD., Neethling, SJ. & Pain, CC. (2015). ‘Anisotropic Mesh Adaptivity an Control Volume Finite Element Methods for Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media’. Mathematical Geosciences, vol 47, no. 4, pp. 417-440.

Jackson, MD., Percival, JR., Mostaghimi, P., Tollit, B., Pavlidis, D., Pain, CC., Gomes, JLMDA., ELS.heikh, A., Salinas, P., Muggeridge, AH. & Blunt, M. (2015). ‘Reservoir Modeling for Flow Simulation by Use of Surfaces, Adaptive Unstructured Meshes, and an Overlapping-Control-Volume Finite-Element Method’. SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, vol 18, no. 2, SPE-163633-PA.

Pavlidis, D., Gomes, JLMDA., Xie, Z., Pain, CC., Tehrani, A., Moatamedi, M., Smith, P., Jones, A. & Matar, O. (2015). ‘Numerical Modelling of Melt Behaviour in the Lower Vessel Head of a Nuclear Reactor’. Procedia IUTAM, vol 15, pp. 72-77.

Pavlidis, D., Gomes, JLMDA., Salinas, P., Pain, CC., Tehrani, A., Moatamedi, M., Smith, PN., Jones, A. & Matar, O. (2015). ‘Numerical Modelling of Debris Bed Water Quenching’. Procedia IUTAM, vol 15, pp. 64-71.

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