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Dr Jamie Lee Stevenson

Research interests:

1) Ecohydrology
2) Urban green space ecosystem services
3) Precipitation partitioning
4) Role of data frequency in hydrological characterisation

Career history:

I completed my ecohydrological PhD at the end of August 2022 and in September of 2022 started a temporary teaching and research post in the Department of Geography (both at the University of Aberdeen). As part of my teaching I teach to all levels of students, whilst my research is ecohydrological focussed in two contrasting environments; an urban green space and upland montane habitat.

Active research projects:

Quantifying heterogeneity in ecohydrological partitioning in urban green spaces

Recent publications:

Stevenson, J.L., Geris, J., Birkel, C., Tetzlaff, D. and Soulsby, C., 2022. Assessing land use influences on isotopic variability and stream water ages in urbanising rural catchments. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 58(3), pp.277-300.

Stevenson, J.L., Birkel, C., Neill, A.J., Tetzlaff, D. and Soulsby, C., 2021. Effects of streamflow isotope sampling strategies on the calibration of a tracer‐aided rainfall‐runoff model. Hydrological Processes, 35(6), p.e14223.

Stevenson, J.L., O’Riordain, S., Harris, W.E. and Crockford, L., 2021. An investigation into the impact of nine catchment characteristics on the accuracy of two phosphorus load apportionment models. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 193(3), p.142.

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