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Dr Georgios Kazanidis

Research interests:

Biodiversity and ecology of marine benthos (special interest on cold-water coral reefs and deep-sea sponge grounds)
Physiology of sponges and echinoderms
impact of climate change and anthropogenic activities on structure and functioning of marine ecosystems

Career history:

Feb 2017-present. Postdoctoral Research Associate in the University of Edinburgh. I have been recently appointed as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the University of Edinburgh in order to create new explanatory models of environmental drivers of biodiversity trends in the deep North Atlantic Ocean, and assess Good Environmental Status (GES) as part of the European ATLAS project ( ATLAS is a multidisciplinary trans-Atlantic collaboration between Europe, Canada and the USA, and aims to develop an adaptive ecosystem-based approach to marine spatial management in the deep North Atlantic.

Feb 2016 – Nov 2016. Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the University of Aberdeen. As a postdoctoral research assistant I was involved in two large projects in the ecology and biogeochemistry of deep-sea benthic ecosystems in the North-East Atlantic Ocean and the High Canadian Arctic. My main responsibilities included organization/participation in offshore oceanographic expedition (i.e. the DY051 cruise on board the Royal Research Ship "Discovery"), on-board experiments using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen, sorting/identification of macrofauna, data analysis, public outreach and dissemination.

Active research projects:

ATLAS-A Trans-Atlantic assessment and deep-water ecosystem-based spatial management plan for Europe.

This European Union Horizon 2020 funded project creates a dynamic new partnership between multinational industries, SMEs, governments, and academia to assess the Atlantic’s deep-sea ecosystems and Marine Genetic Resources to create the integrated and adaptive planning products needed for sustainable Blue Growth.

For more information, please visit the ATLAS website

Recent publications:

1) Kazanidis GD., Witte U.F.M. 2016. The trophic structure of Spongosorites coralliophaga-coral rubble communities at two northeast Atlantic cold water coral reefs. Marine Biology Research 12, 932-947.

2) Kazanidis GD., Henry L-A., Roberts J.M., Witte U.F.M. 2016. Biodiversity of Spongosorites coralliophaga (Stephens, 1915) on coral rubble at two contrasting cold-water coral reef settings. Coral Reefs 35, 193-208.

3) Henry L-A., Orejas C., Kazanidis G., Suja L.D., Witte U., Roberts J.M. 2016. Coral cities of the deep: Species–habitat associations on the Mingulay Reef Complex. Ocean Challenge 21, 17-19.

4) Bourgeois S., Witte U., Harrison A.I., Makela A., Kazanidis G., Archambault P. 2016. Resource utilisation by deep-sea megabenthos in the Canadian High Arctic (Baffin Bay and Parry Channel). European Geosciences Union General Assembly. Vienna, Austria (poster presentation).

5)Kazanidis GM., Tyler P.A., Billett D.S.M. 2014. On the reproduction of the simultaneous hermaphrodite Paroriza prouhoi (Holothuroidea: Synallactidae) in the Porcupine Abyssal Plain, north-east Atlantic. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 94, 847-856.

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