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Dr. Dmitri Mauquoy

Research interests:

Dmitri has research expertise on the assessment of environmental/climate change using peat-bog deposits. Evidence for change in mire surface wetness, driven by climate change during the Medieval Climatic Optimum & Little Ice Age, from a range of European raised peat bog profiles, & a similar profile from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, have indicated the potential influence of changes in solar activity driving these climatic change events (De Vleeschouwer et al., 2009; Mauquoy et al., 2008; Mauquoy et al., 2004a). He has also been involved with the refinement of 14C wiggle-match dating to generate accurate & precise chronologies, in collaboration with international colleagues from the Universities of Amsterdam, Uppsala & Belfast (Mauquoy et al., 2004b; Blaauw et al., 2007). It is now possible to generate age/depth models with multi-decadal precision on centennial & millennial time-scales, which in combination with 210Pb dating, can provide a continuous dating framework to understand the rate & (a)synchronicity of climate change.

Career history:

Ph.D. (Testing the sensitivity of the palaeoclimatic signal from ombrotrophic peat stratigraphy), University of Southampton, 1997

Postdoc at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED), Research Group Palynology and Paleo/Actuo-ecology, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1999-2001

Marie Curie Individual Fellowship at the Palaeobiology Program, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden, 2001-2003

Postdoc at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED), Research Group Palynology and Paleo/Actuo-ecology, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2003-2005

Active research projects:

A 3 year NERC joint standard grant ‘Palaeoclimate reconstructions from Tierra del Fuego to detect land-ocean-atmosphere interactions’ was awarded in 2011 to Dmitri in order to reconstruct the timing, magnitude & spatial pattern of long-term climate change, as well as exploring the impact of different causal factors such as changes in atmospheric & ocean circulation, & solar variability on the climate of the study region during the last ~2000 years. An independent ANR (France) funded 3 year project ‘Peat bog Records of Atmospheric Dust fluxes – Holocene palaeoenvironmental & palaeoclimatic implications for Southern South America’ has also recently (2011) been awarded to CNRS researcher, Dr. François De Vleeschouwer. Both the NERC- & ANR-funded projects have a focus on southern South American palaeoclimate change using peat bog archive records.


Drs. Gaël Le Roux & François De Vleeschouwer, Ecolab, CNRS, Ensat/Ecolab, Auzeville-Tolosane, France.

Professor Zicheng Yu, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University, USA.

Professor Hans Renssen, Department of Climate Change & Landscape Dynamics, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Drs. Verónica Pancotto & Andrea Coronato, CADIC- CONICET Bernado Houssay 200 (V9410BFD) Ushuaia- Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Recent publications:

van Bellen, S., Mauquoy, D., Hughes, PDM., Roland, TP., Daley, TJ., Loader, NJ., Street-Perrott, FA., Rice, EM., Pancotto, VA. & Payne, RJ. (2016). ‘Late-Holocene climate dynamics recorded in the peat bogs of Tierra del Fuego, South America’. The Holocene, vol 26, no. 3, pp. 489-501.

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Charman, DJ., Amesbury, MJ., Hinchliffe, W., Hughes, PDM., Mallon, G., Blake, WH., Daley, TJ., Gallego-Sala, AV. & Mauquoy, D. (2015). ‘Drivers of Holocene peatland carbon accumulation across a climate gradient in northeastern North America’. Quaternary Science Reviews, vol 121, pp. 110-119.

Van Bellen, S., Mauquoy, D., Payne, RJ., Roland, TP., Daley, TJ., Hughes, PDM., Loader, NJ., Street-Perrott, FA., Rice, EM. & Pancotto, VA. (2014). ‘Testate amoebae as a proxy for reconstructing Holocene water table dynamics in southern Patagonian peat bogs’. Journal of Quaternary Science, vol 29, no. 5, pp. 463-474.

Küttner, A., Mighall, TM., De Vleeschouwer, F., Mauquoy, D., Martínez Cortizas, A., Foster, IDL. & Krupp, E. (2014). ‘A 3300-year atmospheric metal contamination record from Raeburn Flow raised bog, south west Scotland’. Journal of Archaeological Science, vol 44, no. 1, pp. 1-11.

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