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Dr. David MacFarlane

Research interests:

Millimetre wave radar and radiometry for remote monitoring of volcanic terrain. 3D surface reconstruction, terrain classification, rain monitoring. Volume quantification of 3D surface deformation. Recording changing topography of volcanoes and glaciers in all weathers/viewing conditions.

Career history:

University of St Andrews, Senior Research Fellow: 2017 – Present
University of St Andrews, Research Fellow: 2002 – 2017

Active research projects:

Radar Monitoring of Environmental Hazards in Montserrat, EPSRC

Robertson, D. A. & Macfarlane, D. G.

Recent publications:

"Second generation of AVTIS FMCW millimeter wave radars for mapping volcanic terrain", DG MacFarlane, DA Robertson, SL Cassidy, Radar Sensor Technology XX

"AVTIS observations of lava dome growth at Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat: 2004 to 2011", G Wadge, DG Macfarlane, HM Odbert, A Stinton, DA Robertson, … Geological Society, London, Memoirs 39 (1), 229-240

"Passive and active imaging at 94 GHz for environmental remote sensing", DG Macfarlane, DA Robertson, SL Cassidy, HM Odbert, MR James, … Proc. of SPIE Vol 8715, 87150L-1

"Topographic and thermal mapping of volcanic terrain using the AVTIS ground-based 94-GHz dual-mode radar/radiometric imager" DG Macfarlane, HM Odbert, DA Robertson, MR James, H Pinkerton, … IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 51 (1), 455-472

"Complex permittivity of volcanic rock and ash at millimeter wave frequencies", AB Rogers, DG Macfarlane, DA Robertson, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters 8 (2), 298-302

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