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Dr. Dan Goldberg

Research interests:

Geophysical and Computational Fluid Dynamics, Glaciology, Ice-Ocean inter-

action, Numerical Methods.

Career history:

2013- Lecturer, School of GeoSciences, University of Edinburgh.

2011-2013 NSF Postdoctoral fellow, Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Sciences, MIT.

2009-2011 Postdoctoral and Visiting Scientist Program, Program in Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences, Princeton.

May 2009: Ph.D., Atmosphere-Ocean Science and Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

Dissertation Topic: Dynamic simulation and study of land ice-ice shelf interactions. Advisor: David Holland

Active research projects:

Is ice loss from West Antarctica driven by ocean forcing or ice and ocean feedbacks? Goldberg, D. 31/12/14-31/03/16, NERC

Recent publications:

Slater, D.A., Goldberg, D.N., Nienow, P.W. and Cowton, T.R., 2016. Scalings for submarine melting at tidewater glaciers from buoyant plume theory. Journal of Physical Oceanography, (2016).

Goldberg, D., Narayanan, S.H.K., Hascoet, L. and Utke, J., 2016. An optimized treatment for algorithmic differentiation of an important glaciological fixed-point problem. Geoscientific Model Development, 9(2).

Goldberg, D.N., Heimbach, P., Joughin, I. and Smith, B., 2015. Committed retreat of Smith, Pope, and Kohler Glaciers over the next 30 years inferred by transient model calibration. The Cryosphere, 9(6), pp.2429-2446.

Matsuoka, K., Hindmarsh, R.C., Moholdt, G., Bentley, M.J., Pritchard, H.D., Brown, J., Conway, H., Drews, R., Durand, G., Goldberg, D. and Hattermann, T., 2015. Antarctic ice rises and rumples: Their properties and significance for ice-sheet dynamics and evolution. Earth-Science Reviews, 150, pp.724-745.

Tedstone, A.J., Nienow, P.W., Gourmelen, N., Dehecq, A., Goldberg, D. and Hanna, E., 2015. Decadal slowdown of a land-terminating sector of the Greenland Ice Sheet despite warming. Nature, 526(7575), pp.692-695.

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