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Dr. Cristian Simonetti

Research interests:

Cristian Simonetti is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen. He has conducted fieldwork mainly with land and underwater archaeologists in Chile and Scotland and with glaciologists in Greenland. His research focuses on the perception and communication, the role of corporeal movement in processes of enskilment and the use of technology. It concentrates especially on the relationship between experience and conceptualization, particularly on how scientists studying the past understand time and space. He is currently working on scientific understandings of time in the interdisciplinary study of climate change.

Career history:

Before coming to the Program of Anthropology UC, I completed a PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, in 2012. This project was an anthropological study of archaeologists and other related scientists, both on land and underwater, showing how their understandings of time are shaped by the movements and bodily gestures involved in carrying out their practices, as they interact with the forces of the environment. After completing my PhD, I started a postdoctoral research project on the ‘Conceptualization of time in the interdisciplinary study of climate change’, the results of which I am still developing. The project was established under the programme ‘Fragility, Adaptation and Resilience in the Circumpolar North’, one of four programmes funded by the University of Aberdeen’s theme on ‘the North’, established to foster interdisciplinary research in circumpolar environments. More recently, with colleagues from the University of Aberdeen, I have been engaging in collaborations across the sciences, arts and humanities that seek to explore the environmental properties of materials, such as ice and concrete.

Active research projects:

Not available

Recent publications:

Simonetti, C. (2015) Feeling forward into the past. Depths and surfaces in archaeology. Time & Mind 8(1): 69-89.

Simonetti, C. (2014) With the past under your feet. On the development of time concepts in archaeology. Anuario Antropológico 39(2): 283-313.

Simonetti, C. (2013) Between the vertical and the horizontal. Time and space in archaeology. History of the Human Sciences, 26(1): 90-110.

Simonetti, C. (2013) En presencia de lo ausente. Rastreando materiales en movimiento. Papeles de Trabajo, 11(1): 40-61.

Simonetti, C. (2009) Significado y mundo compartido. Hacia una aproximación presentacional sentida al problema del otro. Il Quattrocento, 3: 13-24.

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