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Dr. Clare Johnson

Department / group: Physics and Technology / Dynamic Oceans Research Theme, Centre for Smart Ocean Observations
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Research interests:

Marine physics, Observational physical and chemical oceanography, Chemicals / nutrients as tracers

Career history:

2013-present Postdoctoral Research Assistant, SAMS. NACLIM project. (PI: Dr Stuart Cunningham)

2012-2013 Postdoctoral Research Assistant, SAMS. Temporal variability in nutrient concentrations along the Ellett Line time-series, and links to large-scale changes in circulation and water masses. (PI: Professor Mark Inall)

2003-2012 PhD (part-time), SAMS UHI. Tracing Wyville Thomson Ridge Overflow Water in the Rockall Trough. (Director of Studies: Professor Toby Sherwin)

Active research projects:

I am currently employed as a PDRA within the NACLIM project (North Atlantic Climate Variability), funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme for Research.

NACLIM aims to investigate and quantify the predictability of the North Atlantic Ocean on interannual to decadal timescales. In particular the project aims to:

-quantify the uncertainty of state-of-the-art climate forecasts by evaluating the ability to model the most important oceanic and atmospheric processes in the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, and by comparing key quantities with observations.

-optimize the present North Atlantic observing system by evaluating the impact of its components on the quality and quality control of model forecasts, and evaluating their value in determining present ocean state and past variability.

-quantify the impact on oceanic ecosystems and European urban societies of predicted North Atlantic / Arctic Ocean variability.

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Recent publications:

Johnson, C., M. Inall, S. Häkkinen, 2013, Declining nutrient concentrations in the northeast Atlantic as a result of a weakening Subpolar Gyre, Deep-Sea Research I, 82, 95-107.

Sherwin, T., J. Read, P. Holliday, and C. Johnson, 2012, The impact of changes in North Atlantic Gyre distribution on water mass characteristics in the Rockall Trough, ICES Journal of Marine Science, 69 (5), 751-757.

Johnson, C., T. Sherwin, D. Smythe-Wright, W. Turrell and T. Shimmield, 2010, Wyville Thomson Ridge Overflow Water: Spatial and temporal distribution in the Rockall Trough, Deep Sea Research I, 57 (10), 1153-1162.

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