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Dr. Christian Schröder

Research interests:

My overarching interest lies with the (bio)geochemical iron cycle and how it is linked to the cycling of other elements such as carbon, sulphur or phosphorus. My Research ranges from the interaction of minerals, microorganisms and contaminants in the groundwater to aqueous mineralogy and geochemistry on Mars. I strive to foster cross-fertilisation between the environmental sciences and planetary exploration.

Career history:



Biological and Environmental Sciences

Postdoctoral Research Associate

01/12/2009 – 31/05/2013

Postdoctoral Research Associate

01/12/2009 – 14/01/2013

Postdoctoral Research Associate

01/12/2008 – 30/11/2009

NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow

01/05/2007 – 30/11/2008

Research Associate

15/10/2001 – 30/04/2007

Research Assistant

01/10/2000 – 14/10/2001

Active research projects:

A miniaturized Mössbauer spectrometer developed for Mars exploration applied to geological repositories for non-destructive and in situ analyses

10/12/2015 – 09/12/2017

SAGES Scheme 2 ECR exchanges with Europe, North America, China and India

01/03/2014 – 31/12/2014

Recent publications:

Ruecker A, Schröder C, Byrne JM, Weigold P, Behrens S & Kappler A (2016) Geochemistry and mineralogy of Western Australian salt lake sediments: Implications for Meridiani Planum on Mars (Forthcoming), Astrobiology.

Schröder C, Köhler I, Muller F, Chumakov A, Kupenko I, Rüffer R & Kappler A (2016) The biogeochemical iron cycle and astrobiology, Hyperfine Interactions, 237 (1), Art. No.: 85.

Cousins CR, Cockell CS & Schröder C (2016) An ESA roadmap for geobiology in space exploration, Acta Astronautica, 118, pp. 286-295.

Kraus S, Schröder C, Klemm S & Pernicka E (2015) Archaeometallurgical studies on the slags of the Middle Bronze Age copper smelting site S1, Styria, Austria, Der Anschnitt (Beiheft 26), 3rd International Conference of Archaeometallurgy in Europe III, Bochum, Germany, 29.6.2011 – 1.7.2011, pp. 301-308.

Fritzsche A, Schröder C, Wieczorek A, Handel M, Ritschel T & Totsche KU (2015) Structure and composition of Fe-OM co-precipitates that form in soil-derived solutions, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 169, pp. 167-183.

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