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Dr Andrew Finlayson

Research interests:

Glacial geology and geomorphology

Catchment geomorphology

Shallow subsurface geological modelling

Applied Quaternary geology

Career history:

British Geological Survey (2005-2009) – Band 7 scientist, Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology
British Geological Survey (2009-2015) – Band 6 scientist, Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology
Ph.D. (2014) – Edinburgh University, Glacial Geomorphology
British Geological Survey (2015-present) – Band 5 scientist, Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology
Chartered Geographer [Geomorph] (2015-present) – Royal Geographical Society

I’m a geoscientist with 14 years’ experience working at the British Geological Survey. I specialise in geomorphology and shallow subsurface geology using a combination of techniques including: remote sensing, field mapping, GIS analysis, and geological modelling. My work focuses on understanding the natural processes that shape the landscape – particularly in upland catchments and glaciated environments. I have worked on a range of applied projects aimed at improving decision making capability for end-users, and have considerable experience integrating geomorphology into the work of wider interdisciplinary teams.
I have extensive experience carrying out geomorphological research in the UK, and have also worked in Iceland, the U.A.E., India, Nepal, and the Philippines. I am a Chartered Geographer and a member of the Quaternary Research Association, and in 2014 was awarded the Lewis Penny Medal by the Quaternary Research Association.

Active research projects:

Characterising near surface geology in upland environments

Modelling organic soil depth from topographic and geological covariates in upland Scotland

Self-recovery after disasters: an interdisciplinary collaboration to investigate how landscape interactions affect householder and community led post-disaster transitions in the Philippines and Nepal.

Recent publications:

FINLAYSON, A, PHILLIPS, E, BENEDIKTSSON, Í Ö, ZOET, L K, IVERSON, N R, and EVEREST, J. 2019. Subglacial drumlins and englacial fractures at the surge‐type glacier, Múlajökull, Iceland. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44(1), pp.367-380.

KEARSEY, T I, LEE, J R, FINLAYSON, A, GARCIA‐BAJO, M, and IRVING, A A. 2019. Examining the geometry, age and genesis of buried Quaternary valley systems in the Midland Valley of Scotland, UK. Boreas, 48, 658-677.

STEPHENSON, V, FINLAYSON, A, and MIRANDA MOREL, L. 2018. A risk-based approach to shelter resilience following flood and typhoon damage in rural Philippines. Geosciences, 8(2):76.

LAPWORTH, D J, DAS, P, SHAW, A, MUKHERJEE, A, CIVIL, W, PETERSEN, J O, GOODDY, D C, WAKEFIELD, O, FINLAYSON, A, KRISHAN, G, and SENGUPTA, P. 2018. Deep urban groundwater vulnerability in India revealed through the use of emerging organic contaminants and residence time tracers. Environmental pollution, 240,938-49.

FLETT, V, MAURICE, L, FINLAYSON, A, BLACK, A R, MACDONALD, AM, EVEREST, J, and KIRKBRIDE, M P. 2017. Meltwater flow through a rapidly deglaciating glacier and foreland catchment system: Virkisjökull, SE Iceland. Hydrology Research, 48(6):1666-81.

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