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Dr. Alex Thomas

Research interests:

I am an isotope geochemist with a wide range of interests in applying geochemical tools to geoscience problems. At Edinburgh I will be making use of the new mass spectrometry facility for isotope ratio and trace element measurements. We will have a multicollector ICP-MS and a high resolution single collector ICP-MS which will be augmented with a laser ablation sample interface. This facility will complement the existing geochemical facilities in the School of Geosciences allowing the school to have a “total geochemistry” capability.

My research has focused on using isotope geochemical tools to learn about Quaternary paleoclimate, specifically looking to constrain the rates and timings of environmental change to place constraints on the behaviour of the earth system.

Research interests:

Isotope and trace element geochemistry, geochronology, paleocliamte, sea level, ocean chemistry

Career history:

Present: Lecturer in Chemical Oceanography, University of Edinburgh

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Variations in past and present ocean circulation assesed with U-series nuclides, University of Oxford, 1 Jan 2006

Active research projects:

Inflow, overflow and runoff to the Nordic Seas: Circulation dynamics in the Faroe-Shetland Channel over the last glacial cycle

Kirsty Crocket (Biogeochemistry and Earth Sciences, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban), Alex Thomas (University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences) John Howe (Biogeochemistry and Earth Sciences, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban)

Investigating controls on mortality and accumulation at Mingulay Reef cold water coral habitat

Dr. Alex Thomas (School of Geosciences), Prof. Murray Roberts (School of Life Sciences, Heriot Watt University), Dr. Kirsty Crocket ( Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban), Dr. Melanie Douarin (Universitié de Nantes), Dr. John Howe (Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban)

Recent publications:

Harper, B.B., Puga-Bernabéu, Á., Droxler, A.W., Webster, J.M., Gischler, E., Tiwari, M., Lado-Insua, T., Thomas, A.L., Morgan, S., Jovane, L. and Röhl, U., 2015. Mixed Carbonate–Siliciclastic Sedimentation Along the Great Barrier Reef Upper Slope: A Challenge To the Reciprocal Sedimentation Model. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 85(9), pp.1019-1036.

de Neira, J.D., Braga, J.C., Mediato, J., Lasseur, E., Monthel, J., Hernáiz, P.P., Pérez-Cerdán, F., Lopera, E. and Thomas, A., 2015. Plio–Pleistocene palaeogeography of the Llanura Costera del Caribe in eastern Hispaniola (Dominican Republic): Interplay of geomorphic evolution and sedimentation. Sedimentary Geology, 325, pp.90-105.

Jonkers, L., Zahn, R., Thomas, A., Henderson, G., Abouchami, W., François, R., Masque, P., Hall, I.R. and Bickert, T., 2015. Deep circulation changes in the central South Atlantic during the past 145 kyrs reflected in a combined 231 Pa/230 Th, Neodymium isotope and benthic record. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 419, pp.14-21.

Woodroffe, S.A., Long, A.J., Milne, G.A., Bryant, C. and Thomas, A., New constraints on late Holocene eustatic sea-level changes from the Seychelles. Quaternary Science Reviews.

GEOTRACES Group, 2015. The GEOTRACES intermediate data product 2014. Marine Chemistry, 177, pp.1-8.

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