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Dr Alejandra Vovides

Research interests:

Functional ecology of coastal environments
Mangrove Ecology and restoration
Functional Ecology

Career history:

Studied biology in Mexico, and moved on to a PhD study in ecology and natural resources management., where I started studying biogeochemical processes in mangrove wetlands After the PhD studies, I spent a couple of years getting involved with sustainable development and environmental education, before moving to Germany for a postdoctoral research stay that rendered four peer reviewed articles about mangrove forest community dynamics, functional ecology, interaction modelling with an overall framework on environmental change. Since 2018 I joined the University of Glasgow as a Research Associate and work now with biogeomorphological processes in mangroves of south east Asia, with a focus of morphological plasticity of seedlings and their responses to hydrodynamic forcing during establishment. Also, in collaboration with the Technische Universitaet Dresde, Mendel University in Brno and the Institute of Ecology (in Mexico), along with The university of Glasgow, we have started a Volkswagaen-Foundation financed project to study the ecological implications of root grafting in mangrove forests, with a focus on complex networks dynamics and water resource sharing that might ameliorate saline stress.

Active research projects:

MOnitoring Mangrove ExteNT & Services (MOMENTS): What is controlling Tipping Points?
Website for UK Newton Funded MOMENTS Project

Kropotkin’s Garden: Networking beats competition in the struggle for limited resources

Recent publications:

Alejandra G Vovides, Uta Berger, Uwe Grueters, Roger Guevara, Arne Pommerening, Ana Laura Lara‐Domínguez, Jorge López‐Portillo. 2018. Change in drivers of mangrove crown displacement along a salinity stress gradient. Functional Ecology 12: 2753-2765

Larissa A. Naylor, H. Kippen, M. MacArthur, A. Zaldívar-Jiménez, A. Vovides, J.D. Hansom and A. Rennie. 2019. Urban estuaries and coasts. In: Anderson P. et al. (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology (Second edition). Routledge, UK (In Press).

Alejandra G Vovides, Beatriz Marín-Castro, Guadalupe Barradas, Uta Berger, Jorge López-Portillo. 2016.A simple and cost-effective method for cable root detection and extension measurement in estuary wetland forests. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 183: 117-122

Alejandra G Vovides, Juliane Vogt, Armin Kollert, Uta Berger, Uwe Grueters, Ronny Peters, Ana Laura Lara-Domínguez, Jorge López-Portillo. 2014. Morphological plasticity in mangrove trees: salinity-related changes in the allometry of Avicennia germinans. 28: 1413-1425


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