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Celeste Kellock

Research interests:

The movement and sequestration of carbon in the environment. Specifically, how this is influenced by humans and climate change. I have focused on this line of research from a marine and coastal perspective, and I have now embarked on a PhD to gain a better understanding of the terrestrial-coastal interactions that influence carbon movement.

I am also interested in the communication of this science to varied audiences to help promote interest, understanding and collaboration between scientists, the public, youth and policy makers.

Career history:

University of Stirling : PhD (current) Source to Sea: Soil carbon transport from forested environments to coastal waters
University of St. Andrews : Research Assistant with Dr. Nicola Allison (2018-2019) Tropical coral chemistry and biomineralisation
University of Edinburgh : MSc Environmental Protection and Management (2017-2018) Dissolved inorganic carbon cycling and Atlantic water modification in the Barents Sea and Fram Strait
University of Edinburgh : Research Assistant Changing Arctic Ocean programme (2017-2018) focusing on carbon concentrations and isotopes
University of Edinburgh : Geochemical Lab Technician (2017)

Active research projects:

Title – Source to Sea: Soil carbon transport from forested environments to coastal waters

I aim to understand the biogeochemical processes behind the transport and sequestration of carbon across terrestrial – aquatic systems and how iron geochemistry influences this. This data could be used to better constrain carbon budgets and inform land management and policy.

My project takes an interdisciplinary approach applying knowledge, techniques and analysis from areas of; forestry, land use change and management, soil science, iron geochemistry, biogeochemical cycling and carbon sequestration.

Recent publications:


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