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Caroline Miller

Research interests:

Caroline has a particular interest in learning and teaching in education and assessment and supporting students with their understanding and knowledge of bioscience and clinical skills.
Caroline has focussed her academic expertise across inter professional disciplines. It is Caroline’s intention to undertake further research in areas which combined her expertise of environmental impacts to how this impacts on human health.

Key words of interests – climate change; biomineralisation; environmental policy; sustainability; extreme weather events; earth and environmental sciences; vulnerable groups; environmental impact on human health; international networking; rural communities; education

Career history:


Active research projects:

Extreme weather events And Resilience in rural Transport: impacts on Health & Sustainability- The EARTHS Project

Warning solutions for Extreme weather events, Awareness Technology for Healthcare Equitable delivery, and Resilience.

Vulnerable groups, complex needs and temporary hotel housing during Covid-19

Recent publications:


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