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Aythya Young

Research interests:

Using fossil insects to reconstruct past environmental and climatic conditions, especially in northern Norway. I am also interested in inferring the presence and impact of humans on an area using proxies. The origins of fauna, modern insect taxa and conservation are further areas of interest.

Career history:

Geography (MA HONS) – The University of Edinburgh (2016); "Reconstructing Lateglacial Environmental and Climatic Change in Gembling, East Yorkshire, using Fossil Insects."

GeoSciences individual Project (Masters of Science by Research) – The University of Edinburgh (2017); "Insect remains and environmental reconstruction from Tønsnes, northern Norway."

Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (PhD) – The University of Edinburgh (Current)

Active research projects:

Insects, post glacial colonisation and refugia in Northern Norway.
My research is based in arctic Norway, and my MSc involved using fossil Insects (mostly Beetles) to reconstruct mid to late Holocene environmental and climatic conditions from Tønsnes, whilst also investigating human impact through the faunas. My PhD will build on this, whilst also covering a much longer period (the Lateglacial and Holocene), using data from a number of sites across northern Norway, and will specifically look at post glacial colonisation of biota and attempt to address the possibility of refugia on Andøya throughout the Last Glacial Maximum.

Recent publications:


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