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Amanda Young

Department / group: School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences
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Fly-tipping in Scotland, From Lie in Dirt to Safer End of Engineered Life: An Assessment of Existing Policies to Enable Sustainability.

This project concerns the fly-tipping of household waste in Scotland. Household waste represents the top two positions for fly-tipped materials in Scotland and costs £60million every year, and that is just the cost of clear up. When adding indirect costs to this, the annual costs exceed £200million every year. Household waste should be collected by local authorities and this research seeks to discover the barriers to use within each of the 32 regions in Scotland. Current Scottish Government strategies to tackle fly-tipping centre around enforcement. Given the low number of prosecutions in Scotland, and the fact that enforcement requires the illegal activity to happen in the first place, the policies should be amended to tackle fly-tipping with preventative measures. By discovering the barriers to use of local authority waste management services, this research seeks to impact policies by removing these barriers and empowering communities to have a voice in the services they are provided.

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