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Alcide Zhao

Research interests:

I am interested in understanding the interactions between anthropogenic activities (anthropogenic aerosol emissions in particular) and climate change, especially from the perspective of climate extremes: temperature and precipitation. I am a game player with climate models, from which I gain a lot of fun and produce interesting stories. I am also interested in models, satellite retrievals and also reanalysis dataset to look at the dynamics and thermodynamics processes of tropical cyclones.

Career history:

2010 – 2014 BSc at Oceanography from Ocean University of China
2014 -2016 MSc at Satellite Ocean Remote Sensing from Ocean University of China
2016 – Present. PhD student at Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at University of Edinburgh

Active research projects:

Title: Modelling the effects of atmospheric chemical compositions on climate change and extremes
Brief description: This project was designed to better our understanding of the impacts of atmospheric compositions (greenhouse gases, anthropogenic aerosols and ozone, and anthropogenic aerosols in particular) on climate extremes which include precipitation and temperature extremes as well as pollution extremes. We employ the state-of-the-art climate model CESM at NCAR, together with observations and reanalysis dataset to perform both sensitivity studies and synthetic analyses. The project involves four main research block as follows: 1) The equilibrium climate responses to changes in greenhouse gases, anthropogenic aerosols and ozone from 1970 to 2010; 2) The drivers of anthropogenic aerosol emissions and their climate impacts: energy consumption and technology advancements; 3) Pollution extremes driven by different historical emission scenarios; and 4) future projection of temperature and precipitation extremes.

Recent publications:

Zhao Y, Zhao C, Sun R, Wang Z (2016b) A Multiple Linear Regression Model for Tropical Cyclone Intensity Estimation from Satellite Infrared Images Atmosphere 7:40
Li M, Zhao C, Zhao Y, Wang Z, Shi L (2016) Polar sea ice monitoring using HY-2A scatterometer measurements Remote Sensing 8:688
Zhao Y, Sun R, Zhao C Application of HY-2A/SCAT sea surface winds in understanding structure of typhoons over Northwestern Pacific Ocean. Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Applications, 2016a. IEEE, pp 72-77
Zhao Y, Zhao C, Sun R (2017), Application of HY-2A/SCAT Records to Understanding the Surface Wind Field Structure of Typhoon Soulik, Transactions of Oceanology and Limnology, 39-47
Zhao, A., et al., The roles of anthropogenic aerosols in future precipitation extremes over the Asian Monsoon region, Climate Dynamics, 1st round revision
Zhao et al., Heatwaves in the future: Conrtasting responses to greenhouse gas increases and anthropogenic aerosol reduction under RCP8.5, in preparation for GRL

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