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Aideliz Montiel Alvarez

Research interests:

I’ve been interested in applying electrical and electromagnetic methods for different exploration and research areas, such as hydrogeology, geothermal and hydrocarbon exploration, and now crustal/mantle and space weather studies. My main interest at the moment is the development and application of the Magnetotelluric method – a geophysical technique to probe the electrical conductivity of the subsurface. This method has been successfully applied to crustal/mantle and tectonic studies, as well as in resource exploration such as geothermal energy, mineral reservoirs, and hydrocarbons.

Career history:

I have a BSc in Geophysical Engineering and an MSc in Applied Geophysics, and I’m currently doing a PhD in Geology and Geophysics.
I have also experience in research projects and industry; I worked for a large geothermal exploration project in Mexico, and for hydrocarbon exploration industry in South America.

Active research projects:

PhD Project Title: A new 3D conductivity model of the British Isles based on magnetotelluric data for space weather impact studies.

Related projects: BGS – SWIMMR Activities in Ground Effects (SAGE)

Recent publications:

A M Montiel-Álvarez, J M Romo, S Constable, E Gómez-Treviño, Invariant TE and TM impedances in the marine magnetotelluric method, Geophysical Journal International, Volume 221, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 163–177,

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