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Adam Francis

Research interests:

I am a biogeochemist with expertise in riverine and oceanic environments and a particular interest in the nitrogen cycle and associated biogeochemical cycles and how these will be affected by climate change. I utilise nitrogen isotopes to help understand the processes controlling nitrogen fixation and future changes to the marine nitrogen cycle in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Career history:

(2018 – 2019) The University of Edinburgh – Master of Science by Research in Riverine Geochemistry
(2014 – 2018) The University of Edinburgh – BSc with honours in Environmental Geoscience

(2021 – Present) PhD Student at the Scottish Association for Marine Science and the University of Edinburgh
(February – March 2023) Scientist on board Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) research cruise
(2019 – 2020) Geochemistry Lab technician at the University of Edinburgh
(2018 – 2020) Tutor and demonstrator at the University of Edinburgh
(2018 – 2019) Chairman of the oceans research group at the University of Edinburgh
(July & October 2018) Scientist on board Arctic research cruises
(June – July 2016) Internship at the University of Edinburgh

Active research projects:

Controls on nitrogen fixation in the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

Recent publications:

Francis, A., Ganeshram, R. S., Tuerena, R. E., Spencer, R. G. M., Holmes, R. M., Rogers, J. A., and Mahaffey, C.: Permafrost degradation and nitrogen cycling in Arctic rivers: insights from stable nitrogen isotope studies, Biogeosciences, 20, 365–382, , 2023.

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