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SAGES International Conference Support Scheme

SAGES International Conference Support Scheme

The SAGES International Conference Support Scheme (ICSS) has the capacity to provide sponsorship for International Conferences in return for an agreed package of SAGES branding and promotion.

The ICSS aims to raise the visibility of the SAGES network to an International audience.

SAGES RICOM will consider requests made under the ICSS for sponsorship of International conference held anywhere in the world up to a maximum of £3000. Exceptional cases exceeding this amount may be considered where justification warrants. Level of sponsorship will scale on the profile and number of expected delegates. For example, a meeting of 150 delegates might attract £1000, 300 delegates, £2000. this is meant purely as a guide.

Applications to the ICSS should be submitted via the SAGES ICSS web form below. A decision regarding funding can be expected within 6 weeks.

There is no fixed deadline for applications.

This scheme is only available to full SAGES members. The applicant is expected to have a significant role in the conference organisation (e.g. member of steering/organisation committee, leader of a sub-group reporting to the main organisers).

Competition for funds is expected to be high.

SAGES promotional package will include:

  • SAGES logo branding on conference website and headline sponsors materials
  • Space for SAGES pop-up banner and leaflets in main conference area
  • Space for SAGES poster during a poster session (if appropriate)
  • Acknowledgement of SAGES support in conference pack
  • Inclusion of SAGES pen or USB pen-drive in conference pack
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