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SAGES Affiliate membership – now available

SAGES Affiliate membership – now available

SAGES warmly welcomes individuals who are not employed or studying at a SAGES partner institution to apply to SAGES for Affiliate membership for an annual subscription fee of £100 (including VAT).

Benefits of Affiliate membership:
• Participation in SAGES workshops and events
• Receive SAGES monthly bulletin
• Access SAGES expertise database, and become registered on that database

Affiliate members are not eligible to apply individually to SAGES funding schemes, but can benefit from SAGES funding awarded to a full member. Find out more about benefits of full SAGES membership.

The SAGES Director and SAGES Research and Innovation Committee will review your application.

Agree to Affiliate SAGES membership terms and conditions.

Annual membership will commence from subscription payment date and expire on the one-year anniversary of this date.
A re-subscription invoice will be issued 30 days prior to your subscription expiry date, if no payment is made your subscription and all related benefits will cease on the expiry date.

To apply, please complete the online application

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