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Innovation and Business Skills Training

Innovation and Business Skills Training

ECCI, Friday 02 March 2018 10:00 – 16:00

At some point in your PhD/career you will have to research real world problems, ask someone for money, write about the ‘impact’ of your work and summarise your work for a non-academic audience. Learn how to do this successfully.
Part of the NERC ECCI Innovation programme this workshop features problem-based learning case studies based around the application of earth science technologies to real-world problems.

The learning outcomes will include:

gaining knowledge about the way the earth sciences interact with the outside world
learning various functional skills such as finance and project management
learning and practising a number of personal transferable skills such as team working and science communication
being introduced to the NERC Environment YES competition where these skills can be practised in a competitive but supportive environment

Versions of this workshop have been run very successfully at other NERC CDTs.

Spaces are limited so book your place asap! RSVP to Laura Scotland at ECCI events

** Please note we will require a £10 deposit upon event registration. This deposit will be refunded only if eh event is attended**

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