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British Geological Survey Scotland (BGS) join SAGES

British Geological Survey Scotland (BGS) join SAGES

This month we are delighted to welcome British Geological Survey Scotland (BGS) to SAGES! As from August 1st the SAGES alliance will become enriched by the inclusion of the BGS Scotland. BGS, based at the Lyell Centre, has now become a full partner of SAGES, with all staff able to access the wide package of SAGES benefits. The act of BGS joining SAGES brings great benefit to both parties, and has been warmly welcomed by the Scottish Funding Council’s Director of Research, Dr Stuart Fancey. I know that many within SAGES have often felt that without BGS there was always something missing from the SAGES alliance. For historical reasons earlier membership of SAGES was not possible – but now that their membership has been realised we look forward to seeing BGS staff members becoming involved in all aspects of SAGES deep and wide network. A warm welcome to BGS!

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