Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society

Impact & innovation case study

Scottish Energy Strategy

Impact summary

  • Researchers & policy teams co-develop research
  • Helps embed insights in practical government regulations and policy papers

SAGES member

Prof Andy Kerr / University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI)

Funded by ClimateXChange

Aim of the project

Support Scottish Government policy teams to implement the emerging Energy Strategy for Scotland, with particular focus on providing robust evidence to support the radical change in energy generation and use required to meet carbon targets for 2032.

Funded by ClimateXChange (Centre of Expertise on Climate Change in Scotland). ClimateXChange provides independent advice, research and analysis to support the Scottish Government as it develops and implements policies on adapting to the changing climate and the transition to a low carbon society.

Planned outcomes

The project aims to create suites of insights across housing, transport, energy and climate change sectors to inform government policy teams and public agencies.

The insights aim to support better policy development and implementation to deliver the stretching carbon targets in Scotland.

Potential impact

The ClimateXChange model ensures that research work is co-developed by policy makers and researchers, first understanding government policy needs, identifying and commissioning specific research projects, and working through the results with the government teams.  This method of co-development gives the best opportunity for research insights to be embedded in practical government regulations and policy papers.

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