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2023 ASM Presentations & posters

EMMA CARY ABERDEEN The state of UK rewilding policy N/A
LIAM GODWIN UHI The legacy of drainage on stream water quality following large-scale peatland restoration LINK
GEORG KODL ST ANDREWS Soil erosion trends can be obscured in remote sensing data: evidence from a high-latitude tundra landscape undergoing shrub expansion LINK
LEIA TILLY ABERDEEN Northward Wanderings’: – Roots of Late Pleistocene Scottish Communities, Both Vegetation and Human N/A
QING LI GLASGOW Multi-temporal river landform classification using machine learning LINK
SHONA JENKINS EDINBURGH Socio-ecological drivers of change in the central Congo Basin peatlands N/A
ERIN CORBETT UWS Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment N/A
TRACY ASAMOAH-BOATENG ABERDEEN Exploring the Impacts of Solar Mini-Grids on People Living in Selected Rural Island Communities in Ghana. N/A
POPPY CLARK ABERDEEN New Machine Learning Tool allows Long-term Deep-sea Sponge Behaviour Study N/A
BERTIE MILES EDINBURGH Unanchoring of Antarctic ice shelves over the past 5 decades LINK
FEI YAO EDINBURGH Air pollution and solar energy generation LINK
BEATRIZ RECINOS EDINBURGH A framework for time-dependent Ice Sheet Uncertainty Quantification, applied to three West Antarctic ice streams LINK
NEIL McDONALD STIRLING Ice stream and floating-ice tongue collapse in the Minch, NW Scotland N/A
FLORIAN BROUILLET ST ANDREWS 1783 Laki eruption: new insights of volcanic plume from high time resolution ice core analysis N/A
JIZE JIANG EDINBURGH Quantifying climate-dependent NH3 emissions from global agriculture N/A
SIMONA CARUSO ABERDEEN Seismic geomorphology of a glacigenic basin floor fan system offshore West of Shetland N/A
BEN FISHER EDINBURGH Marine phytoplankton in a sea ice free west Antarctic Peninsula N/A
DONALD SLATER EDINBURGH Submarine melting of glaciers in Greenland amplified by atmospheric warming LINK
ALISON BROWN GLASGOW Risk-Based Regulation of Biochar: Creating a proto-standard for the emerging sector in Scotland   N/A
SZABOLCS PAP UHI Biochar sludge: a potential fertiliser for a circular and sustainable agriculture  LINK
JOSIE GERIS ABERDEEN Nature based solutions in rural landscapes for management of droughts and floods N/A
ANNA McWILLIAM UHI Brashly Improving Water Quality LINK
DIORBHAIL WENTWORTH EDINBURGH Barriers and enablers to the use of human excrement as fertilisers in Karnataka, India N/A
LYDIA NIEMI UHI Exploring relationships between pharmaceutical pollution and prescribing LINK
JOHN MOREAU GLASGOW Investigating hexavalent chromium mobility in an urban waterway N/A
RACHEL HELLIWELL HUTTON Connecting opportunity with capability in water science and policy: Register of Expertise N/A
LEA RIEHN SAMS Tracing Atlantic Water in a West Spitsbergen Fjord LINK
JAZZ RHOADES  STIRLING Climate and land use change in marginal habitats LINK
ELISA GIAMMARINI UWS The impact of heavy metals on multitrophic interactions in the soil microbiome LINK
KIRI RODGERS UWS Organic Pollutants and antimicrobial Resistance? LINK
NADEEM SHAH FOREST RESEARCH The Effects of Land Use on Aquatic Carbon Transport LINK
CELESTE KELLOCK STIRLING Source to Sea: Challenges and Opportunities  N/A
ALISON BROWN GLASGOW Sources and controls of greenhouse gases and heavy metals in acid mine water and effectiveness of mine water treatment N/A
CARLA CASAS GLASGOW Greenhouse gas fluxes of Microbial-Induced Calcite Precipitation in quartz sand LINK
SELENA GEORGIOU EDINBURGH Inundation mapping and scaling up greenhouse gas fluxes over the Cuvette Centrale peatland complex in the Central Congo Basin N/A
ADNAN KHAN ABERTAY High-resolution Digital soil Mapping at Finzean Estate (5m) LINK
ALEXANDRA MOREL DUNDEE Human Appropriated Net Primary Productivity (HANPP) in Smallholder Coffee Landscapes N/A
HOLLY HOURSTON GLASGOW The effect of heating on early solar system organics   LINK


SOPHIE BALDWIN EDINBURGH Magmatism at the Cameroon Volcanic Line LINK
LAURA EBELER GLASGOW Development of social-ecological mangrove typologies N/A
CARLA HUYNH EDINBURGH Holocene/Late glacial glaciation in southernmost Patagonia LINK
KIRA LUTTER UHI Unravelling the impact of potentially toxic metals on functionalised Biochar on soil and plants LINK
CALLUM THOMPSON UHI Developing a trait-based approach to understanding Sphagnum responses to hydrological stress LINK
HANNAH BRYANT EDINBURGH Climate Modelling the Atmospheric and Environmental effects of Hydrogen LINK
WILLIAM HARCOURT ABERDEEN Assessing ice mélange impacts on tidewater glaciers using high-resolution radar small satellites LINK
ED HOLT EDINBURGH An accelerating lake-terminating glacier N/A
LEAM HOWE EDINBURGH Machine learning (ML) for remote sensing and modelling of mountain snow patches LINK
RYAN ING EDINBURGH The Impact of Late-Season Melt Events on the Dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet N/A
ELEANOR JOHNSTONE EDINBURGH Investigating glacial fjord processes using box models LINK
CELESTE KELLOCK STIRLING Source to Sea – A holistic approach N/A
BRICE REA ABERDEEN Direct measurement of warm Atlantic Intermediate Water close to the grounding line of Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden (79°N) Glacier, Northeast Greenland N/A
SHUAIYI SHI EDINBURGH Global Climate Effect of Biomass Burning Aerosol from Six Main Biomass Burning Regions N/A
WISDOM ADZA UWS Exploring the Combined Association between Road Traffic Noise and Air Quality Using QGIS LINK
MIRIAM GLENDELL HUTTON Decision support tool for sustainable prescribing N/A
JAMIE STEVENSON ABERDEEN Ecohydrological partitioning heterogeneity under contrasting urban vegetation LINK
KAI WAN EDINBURGH Projection of mortality burden associated with extreme temperatures in Scotland under aligned scenarios of climate, population and adaptation N/A
MARY ABEL AL AHAD ST ANDREWS The spatial-temporal effect of air pollution on individuals’ reported health and its variation by ethnic groups in the United Kingdom: A multilevel longitudinal analysis LINK
EMILY BONSALL STIRLING Reactive iron species preserve organic carbon – what does this mean for finding evidence of past life on Mars? LINK
ILGAZ CAKIN UHI Comparison of methods for community profiling of wetland bacteria LINK
CHENZHE XU EDINBURGH Do published field experiments inform the longevity of biochar in soil? N/A
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